August 9, 2016

About Us

About Dr. Cole

Dr. William Cole

Dr. William Cole, D.C. graduated high school from Gateway in Monroeville Pennsylvania. He then attended Palmer College of Chiropractic’s in Davenport Iowa and graduated in 1984. He started his practice shortly after graduating and began to expand his understanding of how the human body operates. He spent about 15 years practicing in Monroeville, then moved his practice and family to Greensburg Pennsylvania where he has been in practice ever since. Over the course of 30 plus years, and becoming educated in Functional Medicine from Functional Medicine University, Dr. Cole has seen thousands of patients. Not just for Chiropractic but for many other issues such as weight loss, diabetes, thyroid conditions and many more. He has helped so many succeed in reversing debilitating diseases and conditions by clinically investigating the root cause of a patient’s condition. His tactic of treating an individual, rather than treating symptoms or numbers associated with a disease has brought to life many success stories.

“Food was never meant to be harmful to our bodies. It’s what we’ve done to the food that is killing us.” ~ Dr. William Cole

Dr. Cole has discovered a clear path to reclaiming lost vitality and rejuvenating health while putting the word care back into healthcare.

He has been fortunate to have been featured on WTAE-TV and on KDKA-TV highlighting the success of some of his patients.

The Staff

Dr. Cole’s staff has all been uniquely and adequately trained in specific areas to assure quality experiences for our patients.   

Our philosophy is centered on finding the causes of your health conditions not just treating the symptoms. That’s why Dr. Cole designs a custom health program for all of his patients.

“No two people look identical on the outside; I assure you they aren’t the same on the inside.”

That’s why our programs are tailored to the individual’s needs rather than giving cookie cutter programs to everyone.